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Our Mission

Bright Start Behaviour Support are a small team of behaviour support specialists and psychologists in Maitland, NSW. We are committed to providing high-quality psychology supports for children, and building connected, inclusive communities.

Our staff are highly trained and experienced in helping our participants work towards goals that are meaningful to them and enhance their lives. We travel to homes, schools, or community venues to deliver services where they are needed the most and also offer visits to our office in Maitland.

Our services are available to children aged 18 months to 18 years. All services are flexible and individually tailored to ensure they are exactly what you and your family require.

About Us 

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NDIS Registered




Our Approach

We are NDIS registered within the Improved Relationships and Improved Daily Living categories. Our specialists are individually registered with a variety of professional bodies.

We value diversity in our staff and clients. We actively reject harmful therapy models, such as ABA, and do not use any reward/punishment based systems, or any system that promotes masking a person's authentic self.

We use a combination of affirming models informed by research and the voices of the disabled community. Our approach is individualised to the needs of each client and is always respectful.

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